Pass Thru Assemblies & Ticket Booths

We provide and install pass thru sliding window assemblies for your business needs. Pass thru assemblies can be used for many different applications such as a professional reception window, drive through window or an intercom window are just a few examples. Assemblies include overhead track with jambs, rollers, guides and glazing vinyl up to 1/4 inch. All assemblies are fabricated to meet your specified width and height. Culver Glass supplies Morse Industries Style Mark pass thru sliders that offer high quality product to ensure your assembly is durable and everlasting. Please call to get a quote.

Display Cases

Display cases are used for many different items and can be used for many different reasons. With no standard size required all display cases are made to desired or necessary dimensions. Culver Glass can help you design and build a glass display case that will fit your needs. Whether your design requires heavy thick glass or needs to be safety tempered glass, Culver Glass can provide all options. Your business can benefit from the beauty of an all glass display cases due to the clarity and contemporary look of glass.